Questions & Answers

The Balterio laminate floors can be simply laid in combination with any type of Balterio subfloor in spaces with underfloor heating without higher energy costs. For this see (underfloor heating). If a Balterio laminate floor is used in combination with a non-Balterio subfloor you must ensure that the total (laminate + subfloor) thermal resistance (R) is lower than 0.15 m2K/W. For this consult your subfloor supplier and/or your installer. Underfloor heating of the reversible type, i.e. that also cools (in the summer) is incompatible with laminate, parquet or any other organic flooring. Underfloor heating of the reversible type, meaning it also cools in summer, is compatible with Balterio laminate floors subject to strict conditions. For this see floor cooling