• Jiaxing silk limited liability company is located in the scenic China's first silk pulp silk ---- Gaizhou, Liaoning Province Silk Industrial Park. Next to the company site adjacent to Shenyang-Dalian, away from Shenyang; Dalian, 220 km. Traffic developed, with a unique geographical environment and rich natural resources.
Corporate purposes:
To the quality of the world legislation to the world to win the world taste of the world
Corporate vision:
Let the world share quality life
Our Mission:
Is committed to creating high-end home taste, improve public quality of life
Core value:
Respect character, based on quality, service first
Add:Bangshi Town Industrial Park, Gaizhou City, Liaoning Province, 115200, P. R. China
Tel: Landline:0086-417-7783176
          General manager:13940775176